Saturday, March 7, 2009

Creative Websites For Creative People

By Alyssa Choiniere
For a creative, a website is known to be one of the cheapest, simplest forms of advertisement. It is also the easiest way to showcase your personality, style, and creativity. Yet, the majority of websites for creative people appear to be built from a template designed by a 95 year old stock analyst. They scream for a dash of color, some stylish language, or even just a jagged edge. The most significant problem with creative websites is not professionalism, but, ironically, creativity.

Striking the balance between a professional, intelligible website may be challenging, but in this occupation, ere on the side of intrigue. Use color, personality, and display your work. The easiest way to show your skills and remain in the minds of your viewers is to highlight your best art. 

One way to accomplish this is by rewriting your resume in a presentable prose style, which links each job to examples on alternate pages. Make the writing concise and professional, but not overtly pretentious. 

Also include a brief biography about how you entered your field and what made you so passionate. But remember, keep it brief. Your bio will make your website personal, and make your customers feel like they know you. This establishes an element of trust. A photograph also establishes the personal feeling of the site. A professional photograph may be necessary, but be sure to use your artistic mindset to provide the best style. If you are a musician, take a picture playing your instrument, or a painter can be photographed painting. Keep it classy, but do not drown your creativity.

If you are not technologically inclined, you may need to use a web designer. But there are many hosts which provide resources for you, without taking advantage of your checkbook. Doteasy charges only $40 per year, and also includes instructions and additional features for purchase, such as anti-virus protection. 

Most importantly, provide reliable contact information on your website, and prepare yourself for numerous ecstatic but demanding customers!