Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finding a Product Design Internship

By Amanda Brandon

Interested in product design? Looking for an internship? Here are some tips for finding an internship in the product design field.

1. Check with your school. They usually have a bank of companies with annual internship programs. These are often very industry-specific and very competitive. Be sure your skills meet the requirements of the internship before applying.

2. Product design encompasses many different industries. Focus on the industries you want to work in and compile a list of companies who produce the products you want to design.

3. Once you have your list, start researching the companies to see if they offer internships. If you cannot find formal information, find a contact in the company to propose an internship. You may not get paid, but you will get valuable experience.

4. Connect with industry professionals through tradeshows and conferences. These networking events are great avenues for making contacts. Contact these people about internships. Remind them of where you met them and what you discussed. You’re much more likely to get an interview this way.

5. You may have to leave your college or hometown to complete an internship, so be prepared financially to make a move for the short-term to another city (possibly long-term should the internship turn into a real job).