Thursday, January 15, 2009

Suburban vs. Urban: How to Gain Notoriety in Any Location

Guest post by Alyssa Choiniere

For the creative individual, success in the professional world, accompanied by a large paycheck, seems to be a gift for the favored few. Many creative people abandon their hopes for a dream job in exchange for stability and a larger payment. However, this success can be obtained with talent, networking, and most importantly, persistence.

The first step in securing an income is to know your environment. In a suburban area, it is easier to gain recognition than in the city, but more difficult to receive high payment. The most important step in either area is networking.

In the suburbs, make contact with new, local businesses. They are unlikely to have a large budget, but they have many needs. Your job is to let them know that you can fill their need, and prove that it is deserving of pay. For musicians, offer to perform at a local restaurant or coffee shop. This will draw a crowd to the advantage of both yourself and the venue. Artists, sell art to a new business. Restaurants and coffee shops value art, and will appreciate the unique flavor. Writers can offer to write ads or positive PR pieces. Local newspapers welcome well-written freelance pieces.

In the city, a similar approach is necessary, though more options are available to you. Artists may sell a piece to a corporation or hotel. Musicians can offer to play at many venues, large or small. Writers have many options, and are rarely tied down to a location for freelance, as many options are available for telecommunicating. In the city, it is more advantageous to place an advertisement, as word of mouth will carry your reputation in the suburbs.

Calling a business directly has more positive results, but when applying to a position on-line, a creative and interesting cover letter is necessary. Generic introductions precede generic people. Creative cover letters present unique individuals with genuine interest in the position.