Thursday, January 8, 2009

Using Creative Promotional Materials

Guest post by Joey Papa

One of the most effective and affordable ways to get seen and heard is through promotional materials. My recommendation is to find a simple and creative web address (even if it doesn’t correlate exactly your business or name). The web address is for the purpose of attracting attention, not to make sense. Link that web address your website and voila, you’re directing the masses to your site.

Print business cards with just that web address on it and leave them everywhere and anywhere. I’ve taken stacks of business cards and placed them in all the local coffee shops, pizza shops and other places I frequent. You can get 250 business cards free at (you have to pay for shipping) and then blanket the town with your website.

One of my favorite promotional materials is bumper stickers. Bumper stickers that simply have your web address is bound to draw curious eyes to your site, especially if your web address has something to do with a common interest in your particular city. Believe it or not, photocopied flyers can be very effective as well. Your photocopies should match your business cards and bumper sticker – just the web address.

The goal to peak people’s curiosity. Maybe annoying to some, but this is bound to get your name noticed. If you live in a small town, cover the telephone poles, the cars windshields and the neighbor’s doors with these flyers. It’s a prove fact that repetition is the way of marketing. The more people see something, the more they will remember and they more likely they’ll visit your site. This is one quick and affordable way to get you and your business known.