Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Impressions Part Two: The Creative Resume

This is part one of a two-part series on resumes. There are countless different ways you can format your resume, depending on who you are and what you do. Remember: when applying for a job, your resume is often the first impression that the employer will have about you. Today's entry by Ria Ranka

We all know about 'The Perfect Job'. But what about 'The Perfect Resume'? A resume is so much more than your accomplishments styled in nice font and placed in chronological, functional or a combination of these orders upon a sheet of paper. A resume is your personality and your achievements-it's the armor you need before going into the interview that will remodel your life for the better. But where to start?

There are a few paths that will lead you to the completion of a successful resume. But if creativity is your characteristic, there's only one way to go: The Creative Resume. The Creative Resume is the only resume that acquires incandescence, ingenuity, and most importantly, creativity. Keep in mind, the quintessence of your objective will be like any other. However the heart of a creative resume will be incomparable. Who You Are is very important, and becomes the scenery of your listed qualifications. Most times it becomes what the interviewer hones in on-your creative style. So how can you enhance your chances of standing out?

You've spotted your dream job. Only problem is, so have about three hundred highly qualified candidates. How can you get your resume to pop out of the crowd? Literally make it pop. 3D resumes will set you apart from everyone else. Interviewers won't ever lose sight of their main goal: finding the most qualified candidate. If you have what the company is looking for, adding your flavor won't make you appear underdeveloped. It shows not only do you have great work experience, you have great personality, too.

How to be remembered: Color. Because success considerably depends on color, in a creative resume, color can be just as important as your objective. It influences the interviewers memory, so always make sure to keep it bright. Also adding a picture can never hurt. A face behind the words illustrates your achievements.

You're all set. Time to land that job!